Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chinese Drywall

The shortage of drywall and the construction boom in 2004/2005 resulted in the USA importing Chinese made drywall that is not up to the standards of American made drywall. Imported first to Florida and the Gulf Coast to help rebuild after the Hurricanes, and then out to non-coastal areas to help make up for the shortage.

The problem area is mostly concentrated in the Southeast but is expected to move outward as more information comes out.

Does your home have Chinese Drywall?

· Rotten-egg smell – grows worse with heat and humidity
· Home built in 2004 – Present (concern here is the stock piling of product in warehouses.)
· Corrosive off gassing responsible for damage to:
o Copper Water Lines
o Electrical wires
o AC Evaporator Coils
o Metal Studs
o Nails/Screws

Besides the signs listed above you need to look at the drywall itself to help determine if you have Chinese Drywall in your home. If you can view the back side of the drywall by going into your attic, garage, or getting behind a wall somewhere, look for the markings:
· China
· Made in China
· KNAUF Tianjin
· Taian Taishan
· ASTM C36

You can also find these markings on the tape side of the drywall. Think of the cost of total replacement of the drywall in your home, and then if corrosive damage has started, replacing the AC/Furnace units, Electrical wires, Plumbing pipes, and it can go on from there to actually rebuilding a home if nails and screws have been affective. Lawsuits are already started with home owners suing their builders and builders suing their sub-contractors who are suing manufactures. This truly is going to turn into a huge financial burden for the home owner, not to mention the health problems that are not yet identified. Scams are already starting to surface, so make sure you do your research or consult a qualified home inspector to help out in determining if you have Chinese Drywall in your home.

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  1. I didn't know about the Chinese made drywall problems. Thanks for letting us know.

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